Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fort Kent, ME

Ben and I pulled into Riverside Park in Fort Kent about three hours ago, and thereby finished our trip. We were on the water for 33 days and in that time paddled or portaged 710 miles. When I get home, I will retrospectively make several entries about the section from Rangeley to Fort Kent, so stay tuned for those. I would wait until I got home, but I wanted to alleviate any fears that the two fatalites on Chamberlain Lake this week were us, to put it bluntly. We were on Chamberlain the same day, but were safe and sound, out of the wind. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the two fisherman.

Stay tuned for details on the last few hundreds miles of our trip. For now, its time for steak and beer and all the nightlife Fort Kent can offer us.

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Art said...

Congratulations upon completion of your voyage! You exchanged greetings with us as you entered Round Pond on Wednesday afternoon, May 30th. We were camped at "Inlet" and learned about you from a recently retired Marine (with whom you had spoken at a previous camp site) as we portaged Allagash Falls Thursday afternoon.

This was my third trip on the Allagash and I have done some of the other rivers that you traveled--but never upstream! Double congratulations to both of you!!